We are very fortunate with a set of abstracts for articles and presentations for this academic workshop that dig deep into the subject matter as well as allow for a great width of comparison, both disciplinarily and geographically. We are therefore looking forward to draft articles (deadline 31 July) as well as the eventual presentations during the workshop (29-31 August) at FIME in Lebanon.

In relation to last year’s inaugural conference, this year’s workshop will solely focus on Shrines and Sacred Spaces. While we remain committed to a focus on Post-Ottoman societies, we also included case studies in Dagestan and Pakistan this year, allowing for further extension of the geographical focus to Post-Imperial (‘Islamic’) Societies.

Disciplinarily there is a dominance of anthropological studies in this years’ workshop, which goes well with our inductive research approach. Nonetheless every case study connects in interesting ways with wider micro-, meta- and macro- debates and dilemma’s in the Social Sciences and Humanities, and it will be our joint effort to further investigate possible intra- and inter-disciplinary synthesis in this respect during the workshop.

Below you find a list of participants to the workshop and their contributions. Attached you find a document with their preliminary abstracts. Participant Abstracts – Shrines – FIME Workshop Lebanon

Participant Abstracts - Shrines - FIME Workshop Lebanon - list