Apart from a core cohort of invited scholars, this workshop is based on an Open Call for Papers, for PhD students and up (with the possible exception of aspiring PhD students, with particularly relevant research interests), with direct affinity with the subject matter and / or doing (empirical) research in a Post-Ottoman society, from the Balkans to the Levant.

Scholars are expected to submit a full-length draft article by July 31, for peer pre-review, as well as a summary by the application deadline of May 31. We are open to scholars from a variety of disciplines, in the Humanities and Social Sciences, such as in Anthropology and Sociology, History, Heritage Studies, but also open to scholars in Political Science, Area Studies and other related fields, with matching insights.

Deadline for Applications is 31 May 2018. Please submit a paper summary (up to 400 words), biographical note and (link to) a CV, to recreating.pluralism@gmail.com Also let us know if you need financial assistance for the conference or not. For a limited number of scholars we provide accommodation for the duration of the conference and ticket support up to $ 350.

Be advised that when selected for the workshop, you will be requested to submit a paper length text for pre-workshop peer review by 31 July 2018. Selected scholars will each be ‘pre-reviewing’ eachothers articles (2 reviews per paper), and will bring their comments as discussants to the workshop, 29-31 August, so we have an advanced starting point of discussion when meeting.